Lowongan kerja CV Akses Digital

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Lowongan kerja CV Akses Digital

CV Akses Digital we are hiring….

  • UX Developer

Job summary:

  1. The of develop for will work on digital product. both Web and mobile, and other related activities when needed. the work includes research, Wireframes, low and high definition mockups, design prototypes end user testing, as well as providing all the assets and guidelines to the engineers to successfully build a user friendly products

Job description:

  1. Responsible for the UI/UX desain from start to finish for responsive web apps ( mobile/ desktop) and mobile aps
  2. Works towords acheiving goals and targets related to product UI/UX design together with the product managers and stakeholdres
  3. Builds and maintains working relationships with product managers, engineers and other departements


  1. Profen UI/UX experience
  2. Demonstrable UI desigen skills with a strong portofolio
  3. Solid experience in creating Wiraframes, Storyboards, user flows, process flows and site maps
  4. Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, or other visual design and wire-framing tools
  5. Proficiency in HTML, CSS and javascript for rapid prototyping
  6. Excellent visual design skill with sensitivity system interaction
  7. Ability to present Your designs and sell your solution to various stakeholders
  8. Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively
  9. Up to date with the lasts UI trends techniques and technologies.
  • Software Engineer

What you are/ Have / Will Be:

  1. Hold at least Bachelor’s degree with a specific background in computer science,IT, Engineering is a plus
  2. Min. 1 year experience in software engineering
  3. Excellent in coding, testing, debugging and maintain high- performance scalable software product
  4. Excellent proficiency incorrect Computer science and software engineering concepts
  5. Excellent proficiency in web technologies and frameworks.
  6. Comfortable in working and hacking end-to-end parts of the stack
  7. Passion in building highly scalable systems and solving Challenge
  8. Great team player and works ethics
  9. Fluent in English

Job description:

  1. Develop the front end called para responsive web apps ( mobile/ desktop)
  2. Integrate The fronted and beckend code to complete the product futures
  3. Teamworks closely with product manager, UI/UX designer, order developer and QA engineer
  4. Developing a highly-concurrent and distributed system
  5. Performance optimization and problem diagnosis
  6. Designing/ developing for high-aviability
  7. Designing/ developing and testing new feature
  8. Supporting release and documentation of develoved features
  9. Estimating the effort required to develop and implement
  10. Help Define coding standard and development process
  11. Willing to learn & adapt differents technologies


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