Lowongan kerja Coding Star Cirebon

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Lowongan kerja Coding Star Cirebon

Coding Star provides an affordable and innovative way for children who are ready to learn real computer programming with professional languages and tools. They are supported with mentor and tutor to support their need. Coding, or computer programming, is a creative process coder/programer performs to tell a computer how to performa task. At CodingStar, children are taught using content that is high-interest while creating projects that involve creative input.

We are looking for candidate

  • Full Time Coding Tutor Teens and children


  1. Passionate about learning and sharing to young minds
  2. Male / female 22-40 years old
  3. Experience in teaching
  4. Minimum diploma 3 (D3)

Submit your application letter & CV to:
[email protected]

Ditutup Tgl: 13 September 2021

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